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    Hello, Welcome to Tianmen Chutian Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. official website!
    About Chutian
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    Entrepreneurial spirit: dedicated due diligence, automatic spontaneous, united and enterprising, hand in hand.
    Management philosophy: management is action, collaboration achievements of the cause.
    Business philosophy: integrity-based, quality first; technology leadership, excellence.
    Talent concept: people-oriented, Xuanxian Reneng; provide a platform to grow together.

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    Contact us

    Add: Yuekou Industrial Park, Tianmen, Hubei, China
    Tel: +86-728-4716628
    Fax: +86-728-4711628
    Mobile: +86-13908638941
    Contact: Lu Weiqiao
    E-mail: sales@chutianchem.com
    Website: http://www.capreceknowsfresh.com

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