Sunday, June 16, 2013


Father's Day is here and to celebrate I thought I'd share my top ten most stylish celebrity dads.  When we used to think of Dad he was a jolly round man in ugly sweaters and suspenders, I mean he could pass for Santa when you think about it.  But that Daddy is long gone, replaced by a new sexier Dad, Dad 2.0 who rocks slouchy hats and skinny jeans, boat shoes and slim suits.  These Dads are rivaling their Mom counterparts when it comes to style and I love it! Here are ten of my favs for your viewing pleasure and tell your Dad I said Happy Father’s Day!

1-David Beckham
Scruffy or Sleek, nobody does it better than David Beckham.  I'd like to think that wife Victoria has a hand in his stylish ways, but something tells me that David holds his own.

2-Will Smith
The Fresh Prince gets fresher as he gets older. Will Smith stays on top, his suits, his grooming, his wife!  Yeah he's winning.

3-Brad Pitt
Though I do like Brad with shorter hair (I'm allowed my preference), I love his style! It's both relaxed and tailored, carefree and clean. Perfect

4-Idris Elba
Idris Elba is what I like to think of as a man's man.  He keeps it simple and always looks stylish without trying too hard.

5-Johnny Depp

So Johnny Depp has found the fountain of youth and he ain't sharing with anybody. I mean he just turned 50 years old!  His style is his own, meaning you may find him with two or three scarves wrapped around his neck, but it just works! Dope!

6-Lenny Kravitz
He's a rockstar and the only Dad who looks good in leather pants.  Lenny Kravitz doesn't need to wear shirts, how may Dad's can say that.

7-Jay Z
Though I'm usually gazing at Beyonce, Jay-Z's style is a great mesh of hood and high fashion. He looks just as dope in sneakers as he does in suits.

8- Gavin Rossdale
Only he who is fresh can match the fresh of Gwen Stefani, so it's no surprise that I had to include Gavin Rossdale on my list.  His euro-cool style is the perfect blend of rockstar meets casual. He's been known to rock black nail polish, it doesn't get any cooler than that.

9-Robert Downey Jr
Maybe I'm a bit biased because I like him so much as an actor, but there's just something completely awesome about Robert Downey Jr.  I love his mix of quirky and clean.  He may wear a suit, he may wear a kilt, he keeps em guessing and that's hot!

10-Kanye West
Finally, say what you want about new dad Kanye West's style but he makes a statement.  I've seen more people in leather pants and Jordan's since he started rocking them.  He is indeed a fashion influencer.

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