Thursday, March 7, 2013


Hello beauties finally got to put my fly cut voucher to use at the Miss Jessie's (Soho)Curl Bar; located at 441 Broadway. I must say it was a fabulous experience!
Upon exiting the elevator on the second floor my inner diva was all ohh la la over the boutique chic decor and chandelier that was to die for.
 I was warmly greeted by Mr. Franklin their gracious concierge, who escorted me to the coat check as well as offered refreshments and Crüe de ta's.
The next step was my curlologist evaluation. We discussed what I’ve used from the line and what I was looking for in my curl style. My answer: what every curly girl wants Frizz free defined bouncy curls. 
She took a before shot, and proceeded to give me an explanation as to why I wasn't achieving my desired high bounce curls! With the products I had been using.

It's all about using the right product for your specific curl pattern ladies; and here I was choosing by smell! I must admit I have often felt Intoxicated and mesmerized by the downy softness of the new Pillow Soft Curl product (which I still use for its conditioning qualities so there!)  Her recommended styling products of choice for my curl pattern were: Curly Meringue and Quick Curls.
Then it was time for my wash. I was scrub a dub dubbed with Super Slip Sudsy shampoo and Creme de la Creme conditioner. This combo left my tresses super soft and shiny and so easy to detangle. She parted my hair in sections and raked product from base to ends crunching only after each section was coated. Diffusing each section at a time, and voila!
In an hour I went from this:
To this:

I must say it was a wonderful experience compared to the other curly girl specialists I have been to in the city where I was reprimanded for towel drying and using a comb! Gasp!  I would leave these salons with more of Shirley temple bob, than natural beautiful bouncy curls that I was born with. Thank you Miss Jessie for helping me find the proper products For this curly girl. Now I can undoubtedly affirm the slogan: "Miss Jessie's Hands down the Proven Expert in Curls. Period’

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