Monday, November 19, 2012


(A peek at my vision board baby)
 This post is about vision boards, and why I’ll always have one. 
Almost a year ago to the day I was around five months pregnant and had just found out I was having a baby girl.  Hysterical happiness is how I would describe the feeling that I felt when the doctor told us the news.  Visions of leopard onesies danced in my head as the shopping for my little princess began.  Then about a week after we got that news, we got other news, bad news.  And it was like someone kicked me in my chest; the doctor called and said something might be wrong.  My baby might have something wrong with her spine.  Even now as I think about it tears threaten to fall.  We were blindsided, what devil was this that was trying to steal our joy.  We cried and we prayed and we cried some more.  Till we decided that our God was bigger than any obstacle.  We didn't tell a lot of people because we didn't want more worry where we needed faith.  So there were more tests and lots and lots of waiting. 
One day while going through some magazines I found a picture of a beautiful brown happy healthy baby.  I took that picture and placed it on my vision board.  Now I've got a lot of things on my vision board, even a picture of Oprah, but none more important than this one.  I focused on, I stared at it, and I even rubbed it for good luck.  Then we got the call, our test results came back normal!!! I think I jumped ten feet in the air that day.   But the story doesn't end there, after Mackenzie was born my husband and I noticed something.  She looked very similar to my vision board baby, even down to the full head of curls!  Did I pray her into existence? Maybe, whatever you believe the benefits of having your own vision board are ENORMOUS.  So grab some magazines and get clipping, because that's when the magic happens.  I'll never be without one, now if I could just meet Oprah.
For a great post on creating your own vision board check out this one by Christina of LoveBrownSugar.
Or pick up a copy of The Secret by Rhonda Byrne, I highly recommend it.


  1. I was skeptical about vision boarding but so many people raved about them that I made a vision board for the first time earlier this year. Sure enough, little by little, the things I posted began to come true. I'll never doubt it again.

    So happy things turned out differently than what the doctor originally told you. God is truly amazing and Mackenzie is beautiful!

    1. Yes they are truly amazing, and thank you so much!!!

  2. I'm such an advocate for vision boards. I actually had a vision board party last year and it was so powerful. I'll have to do it again and of course you're invited :)

  3. Amazing story! I believe in vision boards for the same reason, as well as speaking positive things into existence before they come. Great post!