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Hello Obsessionistas,

Here it is my most awaited Mac Marilyn Monroe collection and event review! Well-deserved I might add since I've been on a little bit of a hiatus. I won't make excuses, but I will say I'm so so sorry loves!

On to the post:

Marilyn Monroe for Mac is a gargantuan collection to say the least. Filled with re-promotes and permanent items. While I personally feel a twinge of disappointment hearing everything is not a limited edition exclusive, there is a plus; you get a second chance at past colors you might have missed or you can save money now by purchasing permanent items at a later date.

Liners: The Lip liners, Eye Kohl, clear brow finisher, #35 false lashes, and Penultimate eyeliner are all permanent items (some of which are selling at a higher price point do to a glossy finish).

Lipsticks: I purchased all of the lipsticks: Love Goddess (a mid-tone pink red) being my absolute favorite, it has a satin finish which made it the least drying of all the shades. Charmed I am sure (dark true red) Deeply Adored (deep scarlet) are the darkest of the collection and can lean toward a bit of a vampy vibe, yet oh so Marilyn. Scarlet Ibis (bright orange red) and Pure Zen (frosted warm nude), are the re promotes; so if you missed them in the past here’s your second chance. Scarlet Ibis is my runner up stunner and reminds me a lot of Lady Danger.

DazzleGlasses:  Both dazzle glasses, little rock (soft sheer white with pearl) and Phiff (sheer yellow peach) these are items you use to add a little pop over any color. Both will give a glittery sheen to the lips, because ~diamonds are a girl’s best friend~ pretty pretty.

Eyeshadows: There are four eye shadows How to Marry (soft white); Silver Screen (true silver) these two did not swatch well yet I will get silver screen with hopes my UD primer can “make it work” ala Tim Gunn. Preferred blond (pale champagne beige); and Show Girl (dark blue gray), were the standouts to me because they swatched the best on my skin tone. All shadows are velux pearl and in my opinion it’s the best finish from mac since it gives great coverage and is easily bendable.

Blushes: purchased both blushes legendary (pale soft coral) and the perfect cheek (natural pink beige). Both blushes are very wearable, buildable and surprisingly gave my c6 skin tone a beautiful flush.

BeautyPowder: There was also a beauty powder Forever Marilyn (sheer pale peach highlighter) this Item showed up very white, talc like and unflattering so I passed. If you are a die-hard Marilyn lover you can get it for the compact and repot your favorite blush in its place.
**The Nail Polishes were not mentioned due to the fact that I dont have anything nice to say mac polishes in general..(unless they are metallic duo chromes ie: Disney Villian collection) I choose not say anything at all** :0(

I was blessed to attend both the pre-launch and pro-launch. The Event on Tuesday was in the Columbus avenue store. The entire collection was available for purchase, and while we felt like sardines, the entire line was in stock and we were offered hors d’oeuvres, champagne and white wine. All the Mac makeup artists were super helpful in obtaining swatches, sampling the product and recommending shades. I purchased most of the collection this night and I was glad I did!

The Pro event was in the 7 West pro store. This was a roomier space; and on display was a collection of photographs by Milton Greene. They also served hors d’oeuvres and Jack Daniels cocktails. I expected the pro launch to be far better prepared to meet consumer demands but was highly disappointed; 20 minutes into event all but the lip liners and nail lacquers were sold out!! There goes the age old adage don’t put off what you can do today for tomorrow. I would have turned into the hulk had I waited until Thursday to purchase. The photos were truly the highlight at the Pro event but not worth the trip.

Marilyn Monroe hits stores Today October 4, 2012!! So be there when the doors open! If you find things are sold out at stores you can check department stores on line that carry MAC like Macys, & Nordstrom.


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