Friday, August 3, 2012

MUSINGS: Natalie Hawkins you're my hero!

Now I know what you're thinking, who is Natalie Hawkins?  Natalie Hawkins is the mother of Gymnast Gabrielle Douglas aka "The flying Squirrel", the teenager who has captured our hearts and become America's favorite Olympic Champion.   She's the woman that sacrificed so much for her daughter to achieve her dream of winning a gold metal.  Nurturing and supporting her even through the tough times.  Much too often children's dreams are dashed by their parents who don't take them seriously.  How many potential doctors, lawyers, musicians, or athletes were talked out of their dream by a parent who didn't think it was possible?  Not because they don't love their children, but because they forget what it's like to have a dream.  Natalie Hawkins didn't forget, she showed us that when you nurture and support your child they can soar, and for this I say thank you!

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