Monday, August 27, 2012

FASHION: Neck Up/Knees Down: The Prada x Schiaparelli exhibition at The Met.

It was the last day at The Met for The Prada X Schiaparelli exhibit, so I strapped on baby fresh and off we went to the museum.  What a genius idea to imagine a conversation between Prada and Schiaparelli, whose styles I never knew were so similar before this exhibit.   The juxtaposition of the pieces was perfect; one would think they were designed together if you didn't know better.   And though it sounds like the latest Luther Campbell song, Neck Up/Knees Down is a reference to each designers design concentration.  Schiaparelli’s Neck Up approach focused on accessories, wanting to show drama near the face, while The Knees Down approach that Prada prefers highlights fanciful hems and fantastic shoes.  Check out my covertly taken pics (SHHH!), and if you missed the exhibit you can buy the book here.

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