Thursday, July 19, 2012

SICKONSALE: Juicy Couture Leather Moto Jacket

Sandwiches, chocolate, sex (well maybe not sex...), there's nothing I like better than finding something on sale.  It's like winning a prize, especially if it's something that I really wanted.  But sometimes I find things on sale that are not in my size and while I might feel a bit dejected, I do my best to find a friend who can benefit.  So that's what sick on sale is, it's me sharing the sickest stuff on sale with you (my blog friends) in hopes that it's your prize.  Now I'm a huge believer of buying your leather jackets during the summer to score major discounts. This moto style steal from Juicy Couture is marked down from $798 to $391!!  Its feminine details make it a win with a dress or jeans.  Check it out on

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