Tuesday, July 3, 2012


We all remember the chase to replace Galliano at Dior.  It seemed as if every major designer was being considered, with Marc Jacobs at the forefront.  But then Raf Simons was named, and while tears were shed upon his departure at Jil Sander, we sat on dress pins and needles waiting to see what he would come up with at the couture castle that is Dior.   Would the designer be able to bring a fresh perspective to an already iconic house.  And with his first haute couture showing I am happy to say that he not only brought it, he slaaaaayed it!  In front of a jury of his peers (many including Jacobs, who came out in support) he showed a classic, young collection of clothes.   If I could post every pic I would, it's that good.  What it lacked in flourish it made up for in structure.  Simple coats became so much more with an added peplum and strategically placed pockets.  There was a red dress coat that just stopped my heart!  Yes Raf, Dior is in good hands. See more of the fresh on style.com.

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