Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cari'sCosmeticObessions: MAC Collections Haul

While being one of my favorite cosmetic lines I find it pretty hard to keep up with all the latest MAC launches. There have been roughly 2-4 a month! The collections vary in size and are disappointingly packed with re-promotes. What’s a beauty obessionista to do? Research, research, research!  I trooped it down to my local MAC store and purchased a few goodies from each of the latest three collections:
Marcel Wanders:
This is the second time the Dutch design dynamo has collaborated with MAC. The first collection had the same products different color scheme and the packaging was a shiny black finish. This time around the packaging is chrome. The collection includes: One False lashes mascara, A 187 Duo Fibre brush, two Sheer Mystery powders in light medium and medium plus, a solid perfume pendant, four lip glosses and four lip sticks. If you’re into a frosty metallic mouth you should love the lipsticks in this collection. Keep in mind that the application is not as even as I would have liked and I found the lipstick drying; an issue that would easily be fixed with a clear gloss. I myself prefer shiny patent pout. It is considered a luxury limited edition collection. As with most MAC collections the prices are a bit higher. The packaging while pretty is a fingerprint magnet. Its chrome mirror like finish gives the illusion of a heavy luxurious packaging but when held in hand it feels rather cheap. I was totally drooling over the brush assuming it would have the feel of a perfectly balanced surgical tool. Yet I mentally heard the all too familiar "wha, wha, wha" of game shows when the contestant gets the answer wrong. I could only bring myself to purchase two of the lip glosses Kim, (a dirty plum with pearl) Karin (a pink mauve with pearl) and the Mystery powder in Medium Plus, solely based on its limited release. The Mystery powder has been out before but has not become a part of the permanent line and only seems to grace collections annually. The cost is $60 bucks but you do get an additional refill = justification statement! lol

Overall In my honest opinion the saying "All that glitters isn't gold" rings painfully true for the MAC Marcel Wanders collaboration.


This collaboration with the Beijing- born fashion photographer is inspired by her infatuation with love and water, yin and yang, and the colors pink and blue. It is much more extensive than the other two collections mentioned here but again filled with permanent line items and re-promotes. There are three mineralize eye shadow duos, one fluid line, one pigment, one reflects glitter, a brow set, zoom fast black lash, two lipsticks, two lipglass, one beauty powder, Chenman gloss crème brilliance two nail lacquer's and the 208 angled brow brush. It’s in the traditional MAC packaging; the slip sleeve cover has the Chinese symbol for love surrounded by pink and blue water colors. The hands down no brainer items to pick up are the mineralize eye shadow duo's. You get two complementary colors in one pot for $20 this alone makes it a good value. If you have been following MAC collections for a while you know two of these duo's Love Cycle = Sea and Sky, Super Sweet = Pink Split came out in the Electro flash collection four years ago.

I purchased Pink Union: half taupe lavender, brown Mélange, half solid dark violet. Love Cycle: a half light blue, white dark blue mélange/half solid dark royal blue with a frost finish. Not everyone is a fan but I find them extremely pigmented and easy to work with. I get about 6 hours of wear without a primer and double that with one.

M-A-C Too Supreme Collection:

Introducing  the brand new Sheen Supreme Lipglass. The 11 high gloss shades are in a twist-click pen-style packaging with a white soft brush applicator. All of the colors are super sheer and have a frost finish:

Jasmine Honey: light cream beige,

Fuji Pink: Pale peach with low level pearl

Moon Beach: warm Light beige with pearl,

Cherry Fest: Rose with high level Pearl,

Sweet Bean: Cool Beige with pearl,

Almond Blossom: pale pink with high level pearl

Mango Sheen: Bright Coral with pearl

Imperial Red: Bright rose with pearl

Dress Kimono: mid-tone frosted plum

I Purchased Black Tea: Deep brown with pearl and Asian Butterfly: Lilac with pearl. I found application to be very pleasant, not sticky with a slight vanilla scent. Consistency left lips feeling very hydrated and last for about 4 hours. They cost $19.00 for 2.5ml of product. You need to twist an awful lot to get the product to start up but be forewarned that if you do not do this with caution you can find yourself loosing quite a bit of product.

This collection includes thirteen of the twenty four (permanent) Sheen Supreme Lipsticks line.
I intend to save up for the October release of MAC's Marilyn Monroe Collection. It’s rumored to have a whopping 30 products!! Including but not limited to eye shadows, lipsticks, nail lacquer and eyeliner priced from $15.00 - $27.00

Ohh I can’t wait to Bye Bye Baby! lol

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