Wednesday, February 8, 2012

NYFW: A Survival Guide For The Mom 2 Be (who happens to be me!)

What comes along twice a year and whips New York's fashionable set into frenzy? New York Fashion Week!! I couldn't be more excited to see what designers have in store for fall 2012, but my show attendance will be scaled down a bit this go round. You see I'm 7 months pregnant, and though I feel awesome, adjustments have to be made. Now I know what you're thinking, 7 months in and you're still talking about fashion week? Sit your ass down! And normally I would, but I don't like fashion, I love it, so sitting down is not an option. What's a mom to be to do? Here are my top five tips for navigating fashion week with a bun in the oven:

1). Flats are a must!

Kudos to Beyonce and Jessica Simpson for working those five inch heels well into their pregnancies, but when you're running from show to show high heels just aren't practical. With that being said you shouldn't have to sacrifice style for comfort, so invest in a pair of funky flats in a fun print and keep on stepping. Brands like Kelsi Dagger and Steve Madden offer some really cute options.

2). Your charger is your best friend!

Now this one is not just for those of use that are expecting, it's for everyone attending NYFW.....don't forget your charger for your phone, laptop, iPad, etc. With the large amount of tweeting, texting, blogging, and picture taking that you will be doing you can expect your battery to be low a few times a day. And for me I need to be reachable at all times, so I pack a spare charger and seek out outlets like a bloodhound.

3). Water, Water, Everywhere!

As a pregnant woman you constantly need to stay hydrated. Unfortunately the further along you are the smaller your bladder seems to get, I mean like blueberry size small (TMI yes, but sharing is caring) so know your bathroom locations beforehand. Thankfully Lincoln Center has some pretty decent bathrooms for when you've gotta go, gotta go right now!

4). More Presentations Please.

I love the excitement of a runway show, but sometimes the shows get too crowded, seats are scarce, and you end up with lousy pictures and a sweaty bang stuck to your head (trust me, I know). That's why this year I'll be attending more presentations. You're free to move around and you can actually see the clothing up close and personal, which in turn makes for amazing photos!

5). Be A Stream Queen

Finally, a pregnant woman's best friend is rest, which means less shows on my schedule this season. But I won't feel left out as more and more designers are streaming their shows online. I can catch all my favs live on my laptop in my pjs with my feet up. That's almost as good as front row....almost.

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