Monday, January 9, 2012

FASHION: Peace Love World

The sweat suit is universally known as the lazy man’s uniform. It's that thing that you wear when you don't really care how you look, when comfort clouds your mind you reach for your sweats. But are they really all that bad? I mean, isn't it possible that sweats can be transformed into something more? With a few strategically placed rips you can go sexy a la Jennifer Beale's character in Flash Dance or athletic a la Rocky Balboa. Juicy Couture made it fashionable with velour in candy colors, which celebrities ate up like, well, candy! And once again the sweat suit is having its moment courtesy of a new cozy conscious brand called Peace Love World. Founded by Alina Villasante the brands intention is "to spread love, peace, and happiness wherever possible".

There's positive message like "I Am Love", "I Am Happy" and my favorite of the "I Am" collection is "I Am Blessed", now who can't rock with that? Get your own and learn more about Peace Love World on their fabulous website.


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