Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cari's Cosmetic Obsessions: Urban Decay's Naked Vs. Naked 2 Pallets

If you’re a makeup maven then you have heard the craze over Urban Decays Naked Pallet. Beauty gurus everywhere flocked to the stores or online to get their hands on these hot little pallets. I myself witnessed a fellow makeupholic drop to her knees, with tears in her eyes, when yours truly snagged the very last Naked Pallet from the Times Square Store. I must admit I felt bad but not bad enough to hand the goods over. I did give her a bowed head shake moment of silence, then skipped out feeling like a million bucks! Yes I know I’m going to hell, but looking beautiful, lol.

Now let’s get down to the details:
The original Naked pallet is packed with twelve pigment rich neutral colors, a few of each matte, shimmers and sparkle finishes. It includes a deluxe sample of UD’s original primer potion and a pro quality good karma brush. It’s packaged in a chocolate brown velvet case with gold letter embossing. I never take this baby on the road for fear of it opening in my purse.
Naked 2 is its sequel so it goes without saying that they have many similarities. There is only one glitter in (chopper) and the rest are matte and shimmer finishes. I personally love the art case tin packaging, and the added bonuses make Naked 2 an overall better version. Included are five new shades, a dual ended Good Karma Shadow/Crease brush (available only with this pallet) and a travel size Lip Junkie Gloss in Naked.

Each pallet is loaded with 12 pigment rich shades that will let you achieve anything from a sexy smoky eye or a neutral everyday work look. Bottom line the shadows are excellent quality and either kit is worth every penny. If you didn’t get the first Naked pallet and are cooler skin toned Naked 2 is a must have!!!!! If you have and Love Naked 1, Naked 2 is a good purchase since all but one shadow ( Half Baked is a repeat) and while the shadows might look similar in photos or in the pallet they are different when swatched and they work great together. If you have a darker skin tone and can choose only one the original Naked is the one for you!

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  1. I finally got my hands on the first palette. Obsessed! It really is one of the best palettes out there :)