Thursday, December 22, 2011

FA LA LA: My Top Five Favorite Christmas Songs

What would Christmas be without your favorite holiday songs? They take us back to that simpler time when we were baby fashionistas in footie pajamas with a mouth full of sugar cookies. And though the classics get remade over and over, they never get old.
Here are my five favorite Christmas songs in no particular order:

1) "Christmas in Hollis" by Run DMC

This song is not just a Christmas classic, it's a hip hop classic! Run DMC's story of meeting Santa in the hood resonated with kids of all ages without being corny. You know the words by heart, and when that famous baseline drops it's hard not to act a fool. I smile every time I hear Run yell "Oh my God, a ill reindeer" Ill indeed.

2) "Give Love At Christmas"- The Temptations

Now this whole album is a classic, but this song is my absolute favorite. It's upbeat, soulful, and nobody was seeing The Temptation's harmonies. But this song also has a special place in my heart because every Christmas my mom would blast it over and over again while preparing dinner. At the time it drove me crazy, but now I do it myself. I think they call that The Vapors.

3) "This Christmas"- by Donny Hathaway
Forever remade, if you don't know this song I'm taking away your black card. Matter of a fact i'm taking all cards away, this song is Christmas! Jingle Bells? Nah, This Christmas is the song of the season. Shake a hand, shake a hand now.

4) "All I Want For Christmas" Mariah Carey

Nobody does sexy Santa better than Mariah, and this song makes me do my Carlton Banks two step. I love it! Carey's powerhouse voice makes this a holiday season favorite. She recently remade it with Justin Beiber, but the original is still my fav!

5) "8 Days of Christmas"- Destiny's Child

Finally who doesn't love some Beyonce at Christmas. There's no partridge in a pear tree here, it's all about Chloe shades and dirty denim jeans! (forgive them it was 2001)
Doesn't it feel like Christmas? Yes it does!!

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