Monday, December 19, 2011

Cari's Cosmetic Obsessions: My 10 Days of Kwanzchaukkmas

Tis the season to be giving, gifting and grateful! Beauties here are my top 10 recommendations to give or receive. Who doesn’t want a giftee that will be truly grateful!! I put a lot of thought in my 10 days of Kwanzchaukkmas! Even down to the details of how long my list should be:
There’s the 12 days of Christmas, 8 days of Hanukkah and 6 days in Kwanzaa. It was a no brainier that to encompass them all it has to be a top 10..Duh!
Yes..I actually took you through my thought process; My mind = a scary thing!!
Enough blabbering, on to the list. In no specific order. (All items are based on my personal opinion and have not been influenced by said companies in any way! As my girl JLO says My “Love Don’t Cost a Thaaannnngg a thaaannnggg!”)

1. Mario Badescu Skin Care Salon: 320 East 52nd Street NY 10022; A gift certificate that can be used on facials or products my personal recommendations:
Irena for all treatments; Top products:
Drying lotion
: It has been their top seller and with glowing user recommendations. A little bit of this magic treatment goes a long way and pimples pretty much resolve over night!
Buffering lotion
: This is for large cystic acne that erupts under the skin, red and painful with no visible head (yuck I know I get these and swear by this stuff; its also great for bacne).
Cellufirm drops
:" Firm, tighten, and smooth skin with this daily or overnight serum that is safe for all over the face and eye area. Plumping Collagen and Elastin, moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract are the active ingredients that preserve the skin’s tone, moisture levels and elasticity." This one I have not tried yet but I was at the Makeup show Holiday pop up shop and hundreds and I mean hundreds of beauty nova's flocked to the Mario Badescu table begging for this stuff at a discount its normally 25 and they were selling it for 18. I was one of the first girls at that table and it was sold out 20 minutes into the night!! (death to procrastination) By the time I looped back around I watched about 20 beautiful girls (including myself .. modest I sulk away empty handed. I placed it on my to get list and will do a review soon.

2. Atelier Brow Services from the infamous Soul Lee, I am a busy girl and If I followed this chick from Bloomies on 59th, to Shu Umura on Prince, to Barneys on Madison and now her latest digs:Kiehl's Spa 157 East 64th Street New York, NY 10065 917-432-2503. Bottom line she’s boss! Ms. Lee has been featured in US magazine and has shaped the brows of many celebrities. The cost is about $65.00 and is worth every penny!

3. Gel Manicure at Mimi Nail salon 1541 2nd Avenue New York, NY 10028 (212) 327-1358. I'm not saying it's the healthiest thing for your nails but a 3 week chip free manicure and no dry time during the holidays or before vacation is truly the only way to go. They Carry Opi Axxium and CND Shellac; My girl Bibi is amazing, she’s a consistent, meticulous perfectionist! Amen with a price tag $45.00 its totally worth it.

4. Smash Box photo OP 78 shade mega pallet: Item number A127751 from QVC perfect for the girl who has every color or for the girl who’s just starting out her collection. It's loaded with eye shadows, blush, highlighters bronzers and lip colors. All packaged in a sleek red patent folio!
5. an Etsy seller who carries an array of beautiful headbands, and headscarves in cotton, wool or silk. I am not a fan of hat hair or hats; bumped into this vendor at The Makeup Show Holiday Pop up Shop and fell in love!! I picked up a gray sparkle head rap that gives me a JLOesq look when paired with my big sunglasses! I purchased a second scarf in a silk ecru with green blue and beige geometric prints. Can't wait to rock it in warmer weather on the beach with sunglasses for the Jackie O feel!
6. Mac Cosmetics has their infamous holiday collection out offering Dazzelsphere's filled with lip glass, crème sheen’s, nail polish and pretty amazing brush sets. My recommendations are the neutral, and the petite nail lacquer sphere. If you're looking for brush sets I would recommend the mineralize kit since it’s a rarity.
7. Bobbi Brown: Also has her holiday collection that almost undoubtedly sells out. She's noted for her wearable shades for people of all colors. I absolutely have to have her 20th Anniversary all the favorites lip pallet. This is a ode to days past you get 20 colors in total. Half of the pallet is from 1991 when she first started in Bergdorf’s and the second half is new and updated trendy bright lips. I love the nostalgic quality in this set. The To Go pallets in Party and Classic are a great deal for 25 bucks. Tucked inside you get
three Eye Shadows, two Lip Colors, plus a mini High Shimmer Lip Gloss!

8.Books: Anyone who considers themselves a "Nova" needs reference Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual: From Beginner to pro, Is loaded with tips tricks and full color pics! Its easy to read step by step guide will get you the classic smoky eye, or day to day makeup looks with ease!
Another great reference book is Scott Barnes About Face. Gracing the cover is that beautiful Lopez. This book is loaded with before and after transformations that left my mouth agape. It also gives detailed explanations on how to use color to bring your best features forward and mute your worst!

9. Fragrance: While I personally feel this is something hard to gift. Unless you got a specific fragrance request or its a repurchased sent. There is this great place located in the heart of The East Village called: The Fragrance Shop; You can choose from the hundreds of oils and scents they have lining the shelves or make your own personal sent that you can keep on file for future purchase. Another added bonus is if one of your favorite scents have been discontinued they can help you recreate it. Disclaimer: I found out recently they have lost their lease and are not sure where they will be relocating; so check the website or call before you stop by.
21 E 7th Street (Bet. 2nd & 3rd Ave) New York, NY 10003 Tel: (212) 254-8950

10. The Balm: The Muppets Pallet; this is the pallet I longed for again for nostalgic reasons. I am a sucker for Kermit, Fozzie and Miss Piggy and when I herd they were coming out with a Muppets movie, makeup pallet and Opi nail polish set I was giddy!! I managed to get my hot little hands on everything but the true pallet. Yet upon much research it has been confirmed that the The Balm and the Beautiful Pallet is the same exact colors just in different packaging… (waaaaahhhhh) so I put on my big girl panties and had to stop loosing sleep on the late night eBay bidding for the original Muppets Pallet. As I was blessed with the Balm and the Beautiful and it is indeed beautiful!

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