Monday, October 17, 2011

Cari's Cosmetic Obsessions: Easy Halloween Eyes

Hello Boo-tiful Beauties and Ghoulish Gals,

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays for busting out any of the bright shadows that I  fell in love with sight on seen, but really didn’t know when in the world I was going use them.  October 31, if no other, is the day to let your freak flag fly!  Being the Devilish Damsel that I am, I put together an easy she devil eye for my fellow beauty novices.  The items needed are primer of your choice, two bright shadows that you luv, luv, luv and a standard black eyeliner, the thicker the better.  Items pictured below are the ones I used:
Step 1. Pat primer all over lid
Step 2. Line the entire eye with thick black liner (MAC shade stick in Sharkskin)
Why line? It adds dimension to the shadow where they meet without the fuss.
Step 3. Use the shadow that you want to be your main color all over lid to crease and over lower lash line.
Step 4. Use the second color of choice right above the crease where brow bone is.
Step 5. Reline the eye. Make that black pop -- add a super dose of mascara. Tada!

Fyi: This look can be easily turned into a Cleo Queen of the Nile look by changing the color scheme and dragging the liner straight back at the ends!         

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