Friday, September 2, 2011

FASHION: My Fantastic Five Must Haves For Fall

It's almost that time of year when we trade our shorts for shawls.  When layering becomes an art form and our accessories take center stage.  As the season changes acquiring the right hat, the right shoes, and the right bag becomes top priority as these are the pieces that add flair to our outerwear. So to make it easy I've complied a list of the five pieces that I'm lusting for fall.

1.  Fringe boots

Isabel Marant's fall collection has me craving a pair of knee high suede fringe boots.  Maybe it's the shimmy, or the instant seventies chic they add to any look that makes me want them so.  Pair with leggings and a chunky knit for an instant win.

2.  Sweater dresses

I think there was a sighting of me in a dress this summer.  It was one of those days when the temperature reached 102  and it was necessary to keep me from spontaneously combusting.   I'm usually more of a pants kinda girl, but for fall I'm adding a few chunky sweater dresses in tans, grays, and blacks.  
I'll just pretend it's a really long sweater.

3. Faux fur coats

If you read my blog then you know I love the faux.  Coats, hats, and bags in a flurry of furry make any wearer feel like a diva.  I have a few jackets, but this season I'm in the market for a full length coat in a pretty tan color. Huggy Bear not included.

4. All leopard everything.

My love of leopard doesn't leave when the leaves turn brown.  If anything it's turned up by the latest leopard boots and bags of the season.  Sam Edelman has the dopest loafers, and my hunt for an oversized leopard print clutch continues.  
Swag sold separately.

5.  Capes

Finally, I love clothing that brings the drama and nothing says "I'm here, I'm fierce"  like a cape.  Now I do own one, but the arm holes are so restrictive all my movements look like I'm doing the robot.  Thankfully there are many fresh options this season. There's the sweater version, the full length wool kind, the short cape trench, and so many more.  Your arms will rejoice.

Well that's my list of lusts and musts, tell me what's on yours? xoxo


  1. Leopard loafers were in my post about my dream wardrobe! I need them! And a fierce pair of leopard wedges!

  2. Agreed... and thats totally my motto... "All Leopard Everything!" Can't get enough!