Friday, September 9, 2011

Cari's Cosmetic Obsessions: Incoco Nail Strips

 Hello Again Beauties!!

Time to get the scoop on Incoco “The New Revolution in Nail Polish”
For those of you who are in love with Sally Hansen nail effect strips but just don’t feel like they have enough variety, or would love a French manicure with no dry time that actually lasts, well you’re in for some exciting news!!  I bumped in to these babies while shopping in the Garden State Plaza Mall Paramus NJ.  To say I literally stood there frozen as the mall moved around me and suddenly began slow walking as if in a romantic movie scene to my beloved is an absolute understatement!!

I got samples of the really fabulous ones:
 A giraffe print with pink sparkly glitter under All That Glitters
A hot pink glitter cheetah print Femme Fatale
A zebra print silver iridescent Sparkle Disco Queen
I purchased three sets in total because I needed to try the elusive dry strip in French. In the French you have a couple of choices champagne, fairy dust, and first love.  Since the white tip strip is applied separately you can get any color and just apply the white French tip to it. I choose first love, which is light pink and pink chiffon, a creamy pink.  For a fun print I got rock on a light blue and silver iridescent snake.  With my purchase I received a color pamphlet that explains exactly how to apply the nail strips; with or without the French tip.
For those of us that hate the fact that the Sally Hansen extras dry sooo quickly, Incoco includes silver airtight strips so you can reseal the strips that you did not use for future use.  I plan to put my extras together and use them as the newly popular accent nail.  It also has a table of their main stream colors; available prints are seasonal and can be purchased online at  You get two nail strips with for 8 nails each. Each strip has 32 sizes the top and the bottom of the 16 nail strips are shaped differently for an array of nail beds; so it’s possible to use them for pedicures.  The price is 10.99 for prints and 7.99 for colors including glitter.  French are priced at 8.99, and they offer free shipping for purchases over $50.00.
In the end Incoco is for gals who feel variety is the spice of life!  They have so many color, print choices, and color tips you can honestly go a year and never wear the same combination twice!

Insider tip: You can get a three week use out of the French since you have double nail strip at the tip where we gals are most likely to chip first!
So go get yours now at

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  1. I would love to see another post with how yours turned out on!