Friday, August 26, 2011


I'm officially a grown up.  You know how I can tell? By the number of vitamins I take per day.  Gone are the one-a-days that encompassed everything that I needed in a supplement.  I remember the days when one tiny Flintstone chewable kept my little kid gears grinding right along, the purple Barney Rubble being my favorite.  But with age comes knowledge, and sometimes you can't find everything you need in one vitamin.  So you add another, and another, and another, until you're carrying a baggie of pills so hefty it would make Nancy Botwin blush.  A few months ago on a trip to The Vitamin Shoppe to re-up my stash I decided to purchase a pill box.  The options were orange and blue also known as boring and boring, but in a bid to be more organized I got one anyway.
Here's where the five dollar project begins:  I am a stationary junkie.  I love to buy notebooks, papers, pens, cards, and organizers.  So I'm on Staples website recently and what do I see? Leopard and Zebra print duct tape!! (insert squeal) and you guessed it, it was only five dollars!  After I ordered both (smile), I started thinking about how I could use them for this project.  
Then I thought why not take my boring pill box and make it funky by wrapping it in zebra print duct tape.  Five dollars, and I've gone from drab to dope.  
Vitamins never looked so fresh.


  1. nice!


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  3. OMG!! I can come out of the closet... FINALLY! I TOO am a stationary junkie!! I have more paper than I'd EVER be able to write on in one life time! Cards, stickies, etc. Its SO relieving to know I'm not alone!

    Love this idea by the way! Wish they had a duct tape to remind me to take the vitamins in the first place!


  4. This time of year I get the urge even more for new notepads and diaries with pretty covers! Thanks for the great comment pinkpanties :)