Tuesday, August 23, 2011

FASHION: Ippolita Fall Preview

I love jewelry, but there was a time when I wore only teeny tiny studs in my ears.  No bracelets, no rings, and my collection of necklaces consisted of a nameplate that I had since I was eight, and a diamond heart my husband gave me when we were dating.Sweet? Yes, Fierce? No.  So as my style continues to evolve I have learned the importance of having the right accessories.  What I crave are edgy statement pieces with slightly feminine details.   It's one of the reasons I liked the Ippolita fall collection, it's natural shapes, smokey stones and mix of semi precious and precious stones.  The preview was fun as you got to style a model with the jewelry of your choice and I got some really cool pics of other bloggers accessories.
The model was very sweet and let me pile on the bracelets.
Tessa of CoutureLust's dope Forever 21 Ring.

Love Ippolita? Then check them out on Ippolita.com


  1. love this! it was so nice meeting you xx

  2. Beautiful photos! Here's the video for the F/W'11 campaign. Directed by Will Davidson, cut+graded by SWELL. http://vimeo.com/28023164

    Haruka at SWELL
    For more: http://vimeo.com/swellny

  3. I reeealllly want those spiked Litas! But not in black. I'm hoping they make them in ballet pink. I think that would make them both feminine and bad ass!!

  4. Kia Rene, I loved her boots!!! And I think it your pink version would look hot! Time to contact JC.