Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TBT: Summer Snake From Saks

It's no secret that I like my prints, as long as it’s not real.  My faux dogs include leopard, cheetah, and python. So I set about to find a lightweight carryall to carry all my junk.  I loving refer to my personals as junk because I'm carrying everything but the kitchen sink as the expression goes.  I'm like a fashionable MacGyver, in a pinch and need a pin? Give me one second I'm sure it's sandwich between today's WWD and my mini high-watt flashlight.  This python print tote was a recent Ebay acquisition.  It's from Saks and I think it was some sort of beauty gift with purchase.  I love the size and it's pretty pink lining.  Best part? It was only ten bucks!  Now excuse me as I fill it with "junk".

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