Thursday, June 23, 2011


By now you've heard the news, high fashion powerhouse Versace is the next designer collaboration for H&M. Set to hit stores November 19, the collection will feature Women's and Men's clothing as well as accessories and home pieces inspired by early Versace looks. After I regained consciousness, I started thinking about what we could expect. Here are five things I hope to see from H&M X Versace:

The Mythological figure became a symbol of fashion royalty courtesy of Gianni Versace in the late 90s and froze everyone in their tracks when she showed up on shirts, scarves and sunglasses. Will Medusa rise again? I'd love to see her bold and gold on pillows and throws, or on the backs of Men's shirts perhaps?
2-Flashy Prints
Speaking of shirts my first knowledge of the Versace brand came from Hip-Hop (I used to love her, but that's another post....). A Versace silk shirt made a statement. The mixture of chains, lions, and the aforementioned Medusa made a perfectly imperfect masterpiece that was turned into a men's shirt. Hopefully there will be a few in small sizes so I can add one to my wardrobe, Puff Daddy twirl not included.
3-Colorful Leather
The only thing that Donatella loves more than leather is colorful leather. Maybe we'll see form fitting pieces in bright fall friendly colors like red and purple. And leather pants? You can bet your money on a perfect pair for men and women. Oh yeah fellas....
Versace has never been one to shy away from showcasing a woman's form (Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Lopez can attest to that) so expect body conscious dresses with gold accents and peek-a-boo parts right in time for holiday the season.
5- High Voltage Accessories
What's a collaborative collection without accessories? Hopefully they will follow in the footsteps of previous collaborator Lavin and offer some fierce sunglasses. Maybe we'll get some with gold medusa temples a la Biggie Smalls. It's all good baby, baby!



  1. Love this perspective on the Versace collection Caprece! I was just saying how much I hate seeing the same exact fashion news repeated over and over from site to site. It's so cool you found a creative way to report on it with your own flavor. Caprece really does know FRESH ;)

  2. Thank you so much Christina for the awesome comment! I was trying to add my own voice in a fun way without sounding like everyone else. :)

  3. I can not wait! Love that Big was included in your post...those shades, yassss. I can't wait to see what the collection looks like!

  4. I'm a Biggie fan all day! Thanks for commenting!