Tuesday, May 10, 2011

TopBagTuesday: Asos Leather Strap Crochet Bag

Summer is the season to experiment with accessories.
You're baubles are larger and brighter, but what about your bag? Most people add a straw satchel to their collections in the warmer months, but what about crochet? This bag from Asos features a leather strap and crochet fringe details. I love it's size and it's western Ralph Lauren type vibe. It's large enough for work or beach essentials and with a price point of around $63 is a reasonable addition to your wardrobe. Pair it with an oversize denim shirt and white lacy skirt. Wow, that rhymed and I wasn't even trying! :)
Check it out Asos.com.



  1. love this bag...this looks like it could be a quick DIY project too... hmmmm

  2. Yes! Get those needles out! lol