Thursday, May 26, 2011


I've been in love with perfume since I was a little girl.  My first scents were given to me by my mother, whose love of perfume seriously rivals Imelda Marco's love of shoes.  There were body splashes and White Diamonds, exclamation points and Coco Chanel notes, and I loved them all. 
Then I began to explore the expanding world of celebrity fragrance and there were some winners (Usher for women) and losers (I love Mariah, but smelling like marshmallows?). Like most scents they would hold me for a bit then I'd be on to the next one, never claiming one as my own. A dresser full of fragrance and no favorites.

I wanted something that was just for me, my signature scent.
 How excited was I to find The Fragrance Shop down in the East Village.  Here you can mix and match notes to make your own perfume, oil, lotion, or soap.  Then your info is kept on file for when you return in the future.  It's relatively inexpensive for what your getting, about what you'd pay for your favorite department store scent and you get to name it however you like.  Mine? I decided to call it Personal. So when people ask me what I'm wearing I say it's personal. :)

P.S.-Check out Scoop St, they are offering a buy $10 get $20 deal at the Fragrance Shop for three days only! Here's a link

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