Monday, May 9, 2011

Pressed: The Healthy Quest To Success Event at Brooklyn College May 10, 2011

Health and fitness are more popular now than ever before.  First lady Michelle Obama has us moving our bodies with Beyonce's help, Dr. Oz is on almost every channel telling us the health benefits of everything from cumin to quinoa, and going green has gone from fad to a way of life for many.   Everyone I know has made some adjustment in their fitness regimen or diet, myself included.  After recently becoming vegan I find myself constantly researching different foods to eat for optimal health, and then there's my new found love of juicing!  While going vegan may not be your path, there are many healthy lifestyle adjustments that you can make everyday.
That's why when I heard about the first annual Healthy Quest to Success event going on at Brooklyn college tomorrow I got so excited.   
Presented by the Better Health=Better Life Foundation It's a free to the public health and wellness fair.  Founder Lemeatrice Hurt aims to promote a healthier lifestyle through education and community resources "I want to give minority communities the opportunity to live longer and healthier lives."

The Healthy Quest To Success event will be held tomorrow May 10th from 12-3pm at Brooklyn College which is located at 2900 Bedford Avenue in the Flatbush section of Brooklyn.  There will be giveaways, refreshments, seminars, and a wealth of free information.  
You only get one life, live it healthy!

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