Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Guess Who's Back: Top Bag Tuesday

There are some things I buy and I'm like damn why did I buy this? 
It either ends up in the trash or given away.  Then there are other things I buy and I'm like damn why didn't I buy two! This bag falls into the last category.  It's from the Gap and at first I wasn't certain if it fit me. It's winter, it's cold and lately I've been all skinny cargo pants and combat boots.  I am my very own version of Mr. T sans the multiple gold chains and Mohawk. 
To create a balance in my semi-masculine universe I look for accessories that pop!
Introducing my black sequins satchel from the GAP a.k.a the Gods of cardigans and khakis. Purchased a few days before Christmas and forgotten in my closet, I pulled this baby out during NYFW and it's been on my shoulder ever since.  I love the contrast of my army jacket with a sequins shoulder bag.  I adored too late because it's no longer in stores, but thank goodness for EBay, My silver one will be here soon.

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