Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bad Hair Banisher AKA My New Favorite Scarf

I have pledged to never have a bad hair day again.
Frizz or fro, a printed scarf makes it all better.  What goes around comes around, and around, especially in the world fashion.  When I was younger my friends and I went through our very own head scarf stage.  In junior high we were a TLC loving, Apache listening, bandana wearing group of badassess in big hoop earrings.  I had one in every color, I was obsessed!  It was fun, plus it concealed in between wash n' set hair.
Now scarfs are large, printed, and provide you with so many style options.  It can be worn as a turban a la June Ambrose, or tied to the back with it tails hanging like a rock star (see pic) . I carry one with me always, you never know when a fashion emergency may occur.  So tie one on!

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