Thursday, February 17, 2011

ShowMeYou'reFresh: Carlos Miele Fall 2011

Designer Carlos Miele's fall 2011 collection was a series of beautifully draped pieces paired with vintage style furs and braided details. Miele's variations on the harem pant, alone or in jumpsuit form, were youthful in pretty velvet and bright prints. Could it be that my beloved harem pants will make it into another season? (I had a pair on at the show as I was going for a comfortable chic look). There was a Boho touch with a bit more polish, perfect for the younger consumer Mr. Miele may be trying to attract. The young woman who wants to look put together and hip at the same time. I loved it and I'm giving it a full sidebraid salute!

Makes me almost want a pair of velvet pants, almost.


Images courtesy of Style.Com

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  1. yeah, velvet, is just something i've never been able to get into. i can't get past the feeling of it, let alone the look!!