Thursday, February 24, 2011

ShowMeYou'reFresh: The Blonds Fall 2011

Enter the dragon lady and she's rocking The Blonds!  
This show was high level fierce and fun all at the same time.  Chinese New Year was the theme, and before the show began we were treated to a club thumping kabuki style short film starring David and Phillipe Blond.  The film was immediately followed by a traditional dragon dance down the runway.  All that was missing was a fabulous display of fireworks, but then the clothes came out and it was like the fourth of July!  Multi-colored sequined frocks lit up the runway in Kimonos, bodysuits, and of course corsets!  The Blonds are the King and Queen of corsets honey and they did not disappoint me this season with new styles sure to be coveted by their celebrity fan base. 
So fun, so fierce, this show made me wish I could rock a corset everyday or at least every new year! Images courtesy of NYMAG


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