Saturday, January 15, 2011

ShowMeYou'reFresh: Versace Pre-Fall 2011

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If the Devil wears Prada, her assistant wears Versace pre-fall 2011. 
A mix of prints and bright colors are on Donatella Versace mind for pre-fall as she takes classic wear to work silhouettes and makes then funky times ten.  The rules of fashion need not apply here as the designer makes it work and makes me love it all together.  Are the gold printed skirts and jackets an homage to brother Gianni? Minus the Medusa, the looks seem to be updated versions of the legends shirts which were popular in the 90's.  No muted colors here just case its fall. If anything Donatella is telling us that because it's fall we should strive to stand out even more! 


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