Sunday, November 7, 2010

I Need It! I Want It!: The Ghosts of Collaborations Past

I have ghosts.  
They live in the back of my closet, pushed there by guilt over never being worn.  There's just something about the designer collaboration that makes me go crazy.  It turns my rational shopping mind into some sort of Tasmanian Devil diva. Maybe It's owning a piece by your favorite designer for less usual that sends me into a tailspin.  Never mind the fact that it's for Target, or by H&M.  These pieces are so hot they fly off the rack within hours of their debut, later ending up on EBay for triple the price.  It's easy to get caught up in the frenzy, grabbing things just so you say you got something for camping out in the cold for six hours.  I am a victim of this mindset, a willing participant in the craziness that is the designer collaboration. 
 My first taste was Roberto Cavalli for H&M.  Now we know how I love my leopard prints so this was a must attend!  Having never experienced something like this before I was shocked when the doors opened and everyone rushed in and grabbed whole racks of clothes.  I mean c'mon you're a size 2-12?  I was left with two pairs of jeans, some stockings, and a beautiful leopard print dress someone was returning that I snatched up out of frustration and hypothermia delirium ( they have to start doing these in the summer!)  Did I want this dress?  No, but I needed to feel like I got something for all this trouble.  I still own this dress but have never worn it once! (sighs)  I will never give it away, it's my trophy. A symbol of my first time.
Target for Zac Posen? I should have gotten the tuxedo bodysuit, but no I had to own the multi-colored tiger striped top! Cynthia Vincent for Target? My wedges found a new home via EBay after a wobbly attempt at walking in them left me less than in love.
Not all of my purchases end up this way, my Jimmy Choo for H&M experience was by far the best.  After camping out with my friend Nydia, I picked up my cute "ugly" rock n roll boots which I adore!  At Rodarte for Target I fetched a black lace cardigan that I wear quite often along with my Gaultier for Target trench.  With the announcement of Lanvin for H&M (my heart literally stopped) I have made a pledge to myself to only purchase pieces that I know I will wear. To not go overboard, to not buy things for events that haven't happened yet (my friends wedding, that Beyonce concert, my Italian vacation) I  will not be adding to the designer graveyard in the back of my closet.  
So if you see me on line with frosted tips and toes remind me of my pledge and save me from my fashionable self!


  1. I hope you are able to score want you want from Lanvin for H&M!

  2. unlike you i have yet to become a victim of these high fashion + fast fashion collabs, although i do have a few pieces, an anna sui for target babydoll dress which i found for $10 at buffalo exchange and a perfectly fitted luella for target cropped jacket i picked up at the salvation army! with the lanvin + h&m collabo that is all going to change and i'm thankful i read your post so i do not get caught up in buying something i will never wear...well crossing my fingers i don't get caught up!

    we will find out on Nov. 23rd won't we!