Saturday, October 2, 2010

Who Do You Love? The Runway Show Vs.The Presentation

What I know about fashion shows I learned by watching television.  Nothing was more exciting than the runway show. Its a production in style. The music is loud, the lighting is perfect and the clothes are fierce. It was were I wanted to be.  I would tape collection after collection, learning different designers ways of showcasing their collections.   Some go for the big production, while others like it to keep it simple.  Having attended NYFW the last few seasons I can tell you there is nothing like a runway show. It's more fabulous than you're two dimensional TV shows you.  When those lights dim and that music starts to blast unless you're a robot you are mesmerized.

(Lamb Spring 2011 courtesy of

While some choose the runway to showcase their wares, others prefer the presentation.  Having been to my fair share of presentations I can say they offer many benefits to bloggers.  First it's a chance to get up close and personal with the clothing. You get to see details you might miss on the runway, and rather than use someone else photos you can take your own pics of the collection.   Plus the models are very nice and will pose for you.  Yes it can be a bit crowded with everyone clamoring for pics, but depending on the designer you may be able to grab a quick Q&A (priceless!).  And there's not seat hierarchy because there's no seats!  Everyone gets the same view.

(Alice+Olivia Spring 2011 Presentation courtesy of Zimbio)

So what's my verdict? While I love a good runway show, there's something about a presentation.  I feel like it gives fashion more heart.  It's a chance to see designers who may not be big names yet, these are the people breathing life back into fashion.   It's simple and chic, believe me when I say you will be seeing more of them in the upcoming seasons.

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  1. thanks for pointing out why you prefer presentations over the helps us designers get a better idea of what matters to those who attend our shows!