Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SIR.YES.SIR: Military Chic on the Cheap

This fall I'm rocking my army best.
Sweaters/coats in olive and navy tones are at the top of my purchase list. Designer options are everywhere, but why not go to the source? My friend Surraya put me on to the army/navy store down in Soho, and a recent trip left me wanting to buy everything In sight! Located on west 8th street they offer authentic military apparel, shoes and accessories both new and vintage. I was in search of a backpack for use on those days when my shoulder needs a break. The helpful salesperson Stalin (though I'm not sure if that was his real name or a moniker for use in the store) told me that over the last few months they have been seeing more women shoppers wanting that military chic look for less.
There were so many stylish options, like a belted wool soldier's jacket that could be dressed up with pins and captain's hats galore! One of which I'm still considering.
Depending on what you're looking for the prices are relatively inexpensive, the duck boots pictured were going for 39.99! Another stylish steal? My new vintage backpack for the same price! Use your creativity and you will find some really dope pieces to take you through the fall.


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