Sunday, October 10, 2010

FallFresh: The Get a Clue Cape by Nanette Lepore

Pack up your poncho and get yourself a cape. 
Batman, Superman, they knew what some of us are just learning.  That a cape takes any look and makes it high level fierce. You're basic sweater and leggings, one of my favorite fall uniforms, goes from just okay to OkAAAY!!! (insert little Lil John voice). A plain color is cool, but I prefer one with flair, like this one by Nanette Lepore.  It's perfect for fall with it's warm complimentary caramel color and buckled closures.   
When looking for a cape you want one that doesn't hinder arm movement, it's a cape not a cocoon. That's why I like the side zippers that can be adjusted to your liking. A comfy piece that you will own forever because it never looks dated, a cape is a super addition to any wardrobe.  Check it out at
Retail $398

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