Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Six Things I've learned About Obtaining Success in The Fashion Industry (And In Life)

1) Get A Mentor
A mentor is an invaluable asset.  Every successful person has had some form of help to get where they are today.  Someone there to offer honest advice and constructive criticism when you need it the most.  Find someone in the field that you wish to be in and ask them to be your mentor.  Mentor's have been where you are and hold a wealth of life experience lessons that they are eager to pass along.

2) Make Connections
Rakim once said "It's not where you're from, It's where you at" and in fashion it's more who you know than what you know.  Go to events and introduce yourself to someone you don't know, this is the one time it's okay to talk to strangers.  If you're at the same event you already have something in common.  Use this opportunity to build relationships with other fashion lovers.  It could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!

3 Get Business Cards
Dream Sequence: I'm walking down Bleeker street and I see Marc Jacobs walking towards me.  I stop him to profess my adoration and ask him if he would do an interview for my site.  He says sure and asks for my contact info.  I stand there fumbling for a pen and paper in my purse to no avail, and when I look up he's gone!  This is a nightmare I will not let happen and you shouldn't either.  Get yourself some business cards.  They are the quickest way to exchange information and with so many sites offering deals they are relatively inexpensive.

4) Knowledge Is Power
Don't just be a fan of your favorite designer, know their history.  If they have a biography, READ IT!  A biopic or documentary, WATCH IT!  This information will help you develop an informed opinion, not only of their brand but of other brands as well.

5) Stay True To Your View
Opinions are like....(Well you know the rest)  My blog is my opinion on what I find fashionable.  It's what I love, what I want and what I would wear.  Does every reader agree with me? No.  Is that okay? Absolutely.  Your point of view is the most valuable thing you have as a writer.  If editors loathed a collection, but you loved it then stay true to that opinion.  Too many people are swayed by the opinions of others.  Years ago I decided to tone down my acquisition of animal print pieces.  Deeming my growing collection as "too much"  Then I thought, why?  I like it and if that means I'm too much then that's okay.  Be Yourself!

6) Be Nice
Finally, the saying goes "You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar"  There's enough divas and divos in the world of fashion, we don't need anymore.  I find being humble and polite opens more doors than being obnoxious.  I've gotten into so many shows just by sending a nice email. What's the worst that can happen? They say no?  For every no you get in life there's someone out there waiting with a yes!  Besides, being nice never goes out of style.

Stay Blessed


  1. that is soo true. thanks 4 da tips.
    i love your blog. plus your header is crazy bananasly hot.

  2. Love it, Love it, Love it and you made me feel so welcomed at the IFB conference :)



  3. Hey Karina!
    Thank you, love you're blog and it was fantastic meeting you!