Monday, September 27, 2010

ExtremeFreshness:Rihanna AKA The lady in RED

(images courtesy of Rihanna Daily)

There was a time when I needed red hair. Not Lucy Ricardo red, punk rock Raggedy Ann, glow in the dark red. This was around the time Janet Jackson came out in a sexy red hue for the Velvet Rope album ( my last favorite Janet CD). I fell in love with this look, but I was always a bit conservative when it came to my hair colors. Finally I decided to take the plunge and where did my journey take me? BROOKLYN! The hair capital of America of course! What I ended up with was a pink/red hybrid that I liked but didn't love, so regretfully I only kept it for a few weeks. It was back to black for me, but I still appreciate colorful coiffs. When I saw my favorite pop star princess rocking a new red hairdo was I surprised? She goes there and thats why I love her. Did I love it right away? No, but then it grew on me and now I love it! Am I nostalgic for my red locks, sure it was fun but I'm gonna let Riri have this one and I'll have Velvet Rope.



  1. i love my riri. but that red kool-aid, ronald looking, mop head has to go. i cant even enjoy the outfit because of that hair.

    that the locks out and go back to the short red doo.

    love you my fly cuzzo

  2. can't say that i love this. curious to see pics of how your reddish-pink hair turned out!!