Tuesday, August 3, 2010

TopBag: Urban Expressions Silves Tote

Some bags blend in, others make a statement. You know them when you see them, they instantly grab your attention often times generating the double-take and nod of approval from fellow handbag aficionados. They might not always be designer, a well made bag is always appreciated. Every women needs to own at least one bright colored handbag that goes with nothing and everything. My two favorite colors are red and purple, so I began my statement bag search with these shades in mind.
Designer wasn't an issue for me, but it's look had to be fresh. I found the Urban Expressions Silves Tote on the baghaus website and knew that it was the bag for me. Yes it's modeled after a Birkin, but I loved it for its bright color and faux snakeskin. It's 100% vegan leather, which looks and feels exactly like the real thing.
Check out www.baghaus.com, they have really nice handbags in all styles for reasonable prices!
Now if I could just find that purple bag.....

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