Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BackToCool: Leigh Military Cotton Jacket by Rag & Bone

This camo jacket by Rag and Bone is stalking me! It's made an appearance in a number of editorials, fashioned according to the theme of the story. It's on all my favorite shopping sites. Paired with denim, leggings or a silky tunic. It is the jacket of the season. Now this is nothing new, we were rocking our army green lightweight flak jackets into the spring. What is new is that designers are producing military inspired outerwear in military prints, shocking! You might be thinking duh! Why wasn't this done earlier?, but this look is harder to pull off than the preppy friendly solid color jackets we saw before. So we were gradually eased in to see if it was appealing and fashionistas have been scooping them up faster than a 7.5 at a Louboutin sample sale. It's the perfect jacket to play with contrasts. Rock it with your most feminine pieces for a sexy tough girl look.
Retail $475
PSFresh: Next week we take a trip to my local army store for lower cost options!

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