Tuesday, July 20, 2010

TopBag: Camo Carryall

I'm feeling fatigued....on bags, pants and shoes for Fall. Designers have gone camo crazy, creating an assortment of pieces in this patriotic print. And while I love this look my advice to you my dear freshinistas when purchasing your own piece, keep it cheap. You don't want to spend a fortune on a bag that next season will claim a spot in your closet next to that Steven Sprouse LV Speedy you just had to have. Waiting patiently for it's fashion resurrection. Expensive purchases are for your simple timeless pieces, the Birkins of your wardrobe.
Luckily for me when I was on the hunt for a fashionable camo carryall for less my fabulous stylist friend Surraya Starr came to my rescue. She found me this bag at an Army/Navy store for $25! I love it! It's large enough to fit my mags, newspapers, sandals, etc. It's that deep dark camo color which goes perfect with denim, and once more it's so inexpensive when I get tired of it I can take satisfaction in knowing it didn't cost a fortune. Check out your own local Army/Navy store for bags, pants and jackets. Military chic on the cheap.
Thank goodness for stylish friends :)

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