Wednesday, July 14, 2010

ShowMeYourFresh: Chanel Fall 2010 Couture

The wonderful thing about couture collections, you either love them or you hate them. Or if you're like me you love them and hate them. Whichever mood a collection arouses, I'm always prepared for an intense display of artistic expression.
This showing by Karl Lagerfield feels to me like couture for the cool girl. Rock n Roll romanticism at it's chicest, and while I don't love every piece, the ones I do love are captivating. Like the red dress worn by model Michaela Kocianova. It was a lesson in contrast with the models tousled locks and bold makeup paired with the once again remade Chanel suit. I loved the piles and piles of thin bracelets put together to look like ornate fabric from afar.
A messy chic style that goes perfect with the collection.
Total Hauteness!!!

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