Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PutMeOn: Vintage Chanel Jewelry

The popularity of vintage Chanel jewelry has fashion fierce ladies scouring every corner consignment shop from Avenue A to Upper East Side. On the hunt for that perfect 1 of 1 piece most recently rescued from grandmothers bureau. But not everyone knows where to go to find these gems and often times the best shops are picked clean by loyal customers who know exactly when the new loot arrives.
Thank goodness for the Internet (how often do you say that!) and Online retailer ShopBop. With their small collection of vintage Chanel accessories they have made it easier to grab these coveted, and often one of a kind pieces. Just point and click your way to that feeling of exclusivity of owning a hard to find Chanel piece. There's the classic clip on CC earrings in a variety of styles, but you'll also get some funkier pieces as well, like the birdcage earrings shown above.
Check out www.shopbop.com and maybe you'll find your very own 1 of 1.

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