Monday, July 26, 2010

FallFresh: Faux Fur Vest by Victoria's Secret

This is one occasion when it's okay not to keep it real. Faux fur jackets and vests are haute for Fall, and even luxury designers are using it in their collections. Have reservations? Okay, but these are not the jackets of our faux fathers, the faux we know now is funky, flattering, and just as good as the real thing. Like this vest from Victoria's Secret. I am a HUGE fan of the faux fur vest! Everyone should own at least one, and this one made to look like rabbit is a perfect starter vest. Offered in two colors, I like the grey because it goes well with the darker tones most people prefer for Fall. Turtlenecks are a perfect compliment, but you can also rock it over a thin leather jacket. When you're in faux not only do you look good, you feel good and that's haute!
Retail $98

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