Thursday, July 15, 2010

BestDressed: Sofia Dress by Plastic Island

During the sizzling summer months it's every freshinista's mission to find the chicest clothes in the lightest fabrics. Seriously, the only place it's sexy to be sweaty is the gym and you can only rock that tank top and shorts look so many times. The shirtdress is a perfect look because it can be worn stylishly with a pair of Keds or those Louboutin espadrilles you've been coveting.
The key to selecting the perfect style is choosing one that's loose fitting with slight shaping. The Sofia Dress by Plastic Island is both comfortable and stylish. Sleeveless with pleats at the front and back this dress is a perfect pick for any haute and hazy day. It can even take you into fall with a pair of black leggings underneath. Retail $124
Here's a little DIY tip that I came up with for this look:
Take one of your husbands or boyfriends oversized button up shirts (make sure it's one he won't miss!) Have a taylor remove the sleeves and take in the sides, tada! you've got you're very own one of a kind shirtdress.
A look that guarantees in the summer to leave you cool as a fan!

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