Sunday, July 18, 2010

BackToCool: Fryda Leather Biker Jacket by Dsquared2

No matter what style of dress you favor, punk, prep, goth, retro, etc, the leather jacket is one piece that is universally agreed upon. It's a classic that got it's start on the backs of bad boys and so called "rebels". You may own a few varying in style, color, and cut, but just like parents with their children we all have our favorite (just kidding!). Maybe it's the way it fits you like a glove, or it's texture from years of use. I have a black Gap leather bomber jacket I purchased over ten years ago, that is my favorite baby. Even still, every fall I greatly anticipate the new arrivals in leather from my favorite designers.
The Fryda Biker jacket by Dsquared2 won me over because of the details in the back. I'm a sucker for braiding on leather. It makes for a sexy look when you turn around and black leather never gets old. This is tough with slightly ripped jeans ( I've never liked my jeans too ripped where the whole leg exposed, you might as well be wearing shorts) and a loose fitting tee (Gap is my favorite place to stock up on those).
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