Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sHOWmEyOURFRESH: Michael Angel Resort 2011

Eye pleasing and extremely wearable are what came to mind when I saw Michael Angel's debut Resort collection. The colorful jumpers and convertible dresses were a real highlight for me. I loved the boldness of his choice of prints, the mix of lights and darks blended to create rich colors. I feel in love with the black/brown jumpsuit with the cuffed hem. Angel has managed to create a collection that is both fashionable and comfortable, a cool girl must, and this collection is definitely for the cool girls of the world. These outfits can be rocked during the day and easily carry you to any nighttime soiree.
Speaking of the convertible looks who doesn't love a dress that can also turn into a hood?
Total Fierceness

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