Friday, June 4, 2010

PutMEoN: Gertrude Sword Earrings by Noir Jewelry

When you think of Noir Jewelry subtlety doesn't come to mind. Their pieces are known for being bold, flashy, (need I remind you of the two finger Brooklyn Bridge Ring?) one of a kind statement makers. These earrings are no exception. The Gertrude Sword earrings are designed to look like they are piercing your ear! I adore this look and for only $60 you have to give this a shot. My short hair divas would look fierce in these and even if you're not rocking a cute crop, tie that hair back in a bun and show these babies off.

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  1. I came on here to comment bout those earrings I saw in my Dashboard. But your blog header is insane! You better do that!