Monday, May 24, 2010

TopBag: Katherine Kwei

You've seen her handbags on the shoulders of Hollywood's chic set, beautifully sculpted leather pieces in bright colors and exotic skins. Katherine Kwei uses the traditions she learned from her grandmother and her Chinese heritage as the foundation for her designs. Launched in Spring/Summer 2007, the popularity of Kwei's collection continues to grow. Her mix of modern styling and a knotting technique from her heritage make her handbags nothing like you've seen before.
I was instantly a fan when I saw Jennifer Lopez carrying one of her beautiful white bags. What makes the design so appealing is the Chinese "Eternity" knot that is Kwei's signature. It gives the bag a handmade look which I really think is dope. There are clutches, shoppers, and the always popular hobo.
Check out the entire collection at
Pure Hauteness

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