Tuesday, April 20, 2010

TopBagTuesday: Purple BackPack by Tory Burch

My new issue of Vogue arrives in the mail, and as I'm flipping through the pages my heart stops when I see this beauty. Purple is my favorite color and the picture doesn't do it justice, but I couldn't wait till next month, I had to feature it this TBT.
This backpack by Tory Burch is a rich deep purple with gold accents and leather straps. Burch wanted to "design a chic update to the NorthFace backpack from my childhood". And while this bag is very stylish, with it's multiple pockets it's also very practical like a Northface version. Great with floral patterns it retails for $295.


  1. I saw it too, and almost died! I can't find it on the website! Where can we buy this fabulous bag?!

  2. Because it's in the May issue it probably won't be available till next month! I can't wait!

  3. I adore this bag soo much that I will save for it.
    Its crazy great!!!!!!