Sunday, April 4, 2010


To some the vest is just a jacket without sleeves, but in reality it's so much more. For instance take your simple t-shirt and add a denim vest, instant badass chic. It gives that effortless cool look that we love for spring with gold aviators and beach waved hair. The window for wear doesn't just stop at spring, you can sport that vest in the summer with a tank and khaki shorts. When choosing a vest there are a few things to consider: Color, dark washes look better with colorful outfits, while light washes look good with black ensembles. Style, there's the typical vest that looks as if the sleeves were cut off and old jacket. Then there's the more feminine styles which have become more popular lately with slimmer lines and embellishment's. Here are a few that I've found to keep you best in vest!

Nobody does distressed like True Religion. The Leah Distressed Denim Racerback Vest is rock n roll chic. I love the wash and distressed edges, like it was ripped apart and stomped on to make a vest. Turn around and you're bringing sexy back, racerback that is, always flattering. Retail$185

The traditional vest gets an update with a retro wash. Meet the Nakka Denim Vest by Chick with Guns. Perfect with your black leggings and Dr. Martens. Flip up the collar and give to em fresh like the Fonz, ehhhhhh! Retail$145

Finally, a vest you won't forget. The Forget Me Not Vest by Roxy is sexy in a black denim wash and features a slight distressed look with a hint of black studs at the color and pocket. Pretty with pops of color and black/white ensembles, it's a steal! Retail$59.50

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  1. i was just lookin for a dope vest, but nothing that someone else had.. you helped tremendously.