Sunday, April 18, 2010

GETFRESHTIPS: Perfectly Plaid

Last year I fell in love with plaid...again. You see as a little girl one of my favorite outfits was a deep red plaid jumper dress my mother bought me for Christmas. The popularity of the plaid button down last season sent me into a frenzy for the perfect color and fit. I wanted a traditional style shirt, in a non traditional color. Sadly, it eluded me like a vintage LV trunk, so what's a freshinista to do? Buy a Men's small shirt of course!
My shirts held me down till women's wear designers finally started making plaid pieces just for us. These shirts look dope with denim shorts. Wearing your shirt with cut-offs? Slip on a pair of chucks or a wedge sandal. Shorts the the knee? You gotta go high-heels, its a very sexy look. Here are a few of the chosen ones:

Don't let the name fool you. The "schoolboy" cotton plaid shirt by Elisabeth and James is all feminine . The brightness and the tightness is what made me like this shirt. It features a cute cap sleeve and three button cinching that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking.
Retail $225.00

It's twice the chic from clothing brand The Shirt by Joes. The Sexy Single Pocket Reversible shirt features a traditional red plaid print on one side and on the other a smaller black and white print. What I like the most about this shirt are the long sleeves and how the other peeks out at the color and shirt hem. Double the plaid and all of the fresh!

You can finally stop stealing his ultra cozy shirts because I've got the boyfriend shirt made just for you! This shirt by Victoria's Secret features a double gauze plaid print with hints of purple and pink. Roll up those long sleeves and belt it at the waist for a cute weekend look!
Retail $48.

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